Creating a look and feel for environmental awards


The annual environmental awards gala dinner hosted by Healthy Land and Water deserved an elegant design relevant to attendees.

Native flora and fauna illustrations were the chosen theme. I engaged Mathew Wright-Simon from EcoCreative, he knew just the illustrator who produced beautiful scientifically accurate and versatile illustrations. 

I combined the illustrations to create over 200 pieces throughout the 8-month campaign.


Healthy Land and Water



Flick Chicks


Creative Direction

Graphic Design

Project Management

Healthy Land and Water Awards Program.jpg

Image: Healthy Land and Water

HLW Awards moodboard.jpg

This mood board is a visual representation of the brief given to EcoCreative. I consulted my colleagues on plants native to the area and supplied the external creative agency with photographs to base the illustrations on to ensure accuracy and integrity in the designs. 

Award Category Icons

Awards Brochure Mockup front.jpg
Awards Brochure Mockup.jpg
Awards Brochure Mockup inside.jpg
Facebook Page Mockup (2019) 2.jpg
Awards Table Promo DL mockup.jpg
Awards Program.jpg
Awards Program Mockup_02_open.jpg
Awards ProgramMockup_01.jpg
Awards Program Mockup_03.jpg
Awards Program Mockup_05.jpg
Awards Program Mockup_07.jpg
Awards Finalist Boards mockup.jpg
Awards certificate mockup.jpg
King George Square Brisbane.jpg

Images: Healthy Land and Water