• Ellie Chadwick

Catching a break

“Taking a break from my busy schedule,” is a common phrase I hear from others and I’ve been known to say it myself. 

But isn’t it strange that we separate down time from all of the other things we do in our lives. 

As if to say caring for oneself is less important than work, time with friends or exercising and all of the other things we do to fill in our time.

We’ve built these walls of expection that we have to be on all the time, that we have to be busy all the time and that spending time to chill out is selfish. Taking a break should be part of everyday life.

We know that constantly being on and busy makes us stressed out, forget things, and worst of all anxious. 

We have conditioned ourselves to be in fight or flight survival mode, always. And it may not come as a surprise to you that this is not healthy. 

We know what’s good for us. 

Taking a break, spending time on yourself, practicing self care is super important.

I’ve learnt this through countless times when I’ve burnt out. I pushed myself too far and crash into a heap. 

Times when I had three places to be at once and I didn’t want to let anyone down so I said yes. Then I frantically run around trying to give my time to all three commitments only to give nothing because I wasn’t really there. 

I was unable to give my full attention or my full dedication because I was trying to do too much and out of that not really doing anything.

Slowly I’m learning to put energy back into myself so I can continue giving. In doing so I’m waking up with less on my mind, I’m less anxious and I go about my day with more purpose. 

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